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A website is a journey. And we’re passionate about making this journey smooth, streamlined and pleasant for everyone. Working together, we build the sites that become users’ favorite places to be.

BDA | About
BDA | About

Meet Our Team

Many years of experience in digital design and development helped me build an outstanding team of experts. We do what we love and we do it excellently. These are not just my words – this is what I hear from our customers all the time.

Alex BDA Founder & CEO
Alex is the one who built BDA and now masterminds all the major processes. He is the driving power of the team: with incredible determination, Alex moves the business a step forward each day by creating strategic roadmaps for BDA.
Nick Development Team Lead
In our team, Nick is the geek captain. He takes part in planning out project architecture and develops corporate products and services. Rational and logical, he finds the most efficient ways to automatize business processes and ensures the utmost convenience of all functionality.
Egor Full-Stack Developer
Egor is everywhere where development happens. The front end and the back end of the client’s sites are in his hands, and he handles it all masterfully. Egor’s persistence in finding the best solution and top-level WordPress skills help us resolve even the most complicated problems.
Julia Full-Stack Developer
Julia is an eager striver in WordPress development, and she is the creator of outstanding WordPress themes and plugins. She boasts versatile web background - from graphic design to web development. For 8 years of her career, Julia managed to try herself in a variety of related activities, including running her own business.
Sofia UX/UI Designer
Thanks to Sofia, all the things on your website are in their place. She finds the most suitable solutions for a project of any complexity and packs them into an awesome design. The whole team admires how Sonya just feels the beauty and the best ways to make it convenient for the users.
Liuba Content Manager
Liuba works on promoting our services and helps our brand voice reach our clients. She generates values and directs our products on the way to bigger missions. Much of our content is based on her planning: from blog longreads to ads all over the internet.
Daria Copywriter
The social heart of our team and the best storyteller in the observable universe. She talks to our clients both directly and from the blog posts, and charms people via both media like no one else. It is thanks to her that we build our partnership network and stay in touch with the world.

It’s All About Our


More than 900+ companies of all sizes and from all fields trust us with building their digital representation. They love us for how efficiently we work and for the great results they achieve with our help.


Our team is a closely-knit community of brilliant minds and strong professionals in their field. Our people are our asset of limitless capabilities and creative energy that we value and praise.


Over time, our client base has been growing to include more and more regularly returning customers. Now, many of them cooperate with us on a long-term basis for our mutual benefits.


We Create Meaningful Digital Solutions

Our mission is to make the online world a better place. With thoroughly planned user flow, with outstanding designs and skillfully implemented functionality – with everything that matters so much for user convenience. We see the ultimate goals behind every task – that’s our key to help our clients succeed.

BDA | About

We are wildly passionate about a few things –

Leveraging innovative web design and technologies,

Creating exceptional website experiences,

Making things simple for our clients,

Watching businesses succeed.

Get to Know BDA

Journey Starts

Alex begins experimenting with WordPress development as a hobby. He finds his passion and excels.

Going Pro

Alex creates Codelfo Web Studio and it grows fast. Before long we have clients beating a path to our door.


Codelfo continues to grow and we decide to rebrand. Belov Digital Agency is born and we take our business to the next level.

A Major Milestone

We celebrate reaching 2000 completed projects, and boast some of the world's biggest companies in our portfolio.

Expanding Horizons

After more than 2,600 successful clients’ projects, we launch our in-house products: KeysForWeb in cybersecurity and Fiwy for no-code design-to-site conversion.

We Cooperate and Collaborate to Make the Mark Online Together

Belov Digital Agency - ClientsBelov Digital Agency - ClientsBelov Digital Agency - Clients
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Why Belov Digital Agency?

Belov Digital Agency - Web Design and Development Expertise


We’ve helped hundreds of businesses with their website needs. With over a decade of design, tech, and project management expertise—the high-caliber work that our clients receive allows them to make their mark online...and take their business to the next level.

Belov Digital Agency - Transparency


We take time to understand your needs and educate you on your options, so you feel confident in the process and the result. You will be given a thorough project plan, timeline, milestones, payment schedule and intended results—and will be informed every step of the way.

Belov Digital Agency - Accessibility


We’re a global company with a global clientele. We are available around the clock via email and phone. You can expect quick responses from your project manager on any questions and requests.