For our esteemed client, Flightless production company, we were tasked with creating designs for internal pages in the same style as their existing homepage, as well as integrating Vimeo. We designed 8 responsive pages based on the client’s recommendations and incorporated them into a WordPress project.

Website Learners

The project involved creating a new page with many custom features for the client’s website. One of the challenges was displaying a large amount of tabular data. We solved this by using Advanced Custom Fields Pro to effectively structure the data and give the client the ability to add an unlimited number of items with various types of content, including images, ratings, and switches.

Websites templates for NFT projects

We’ve started this new journey in 2022. We create website templates with an optimal set of pages and multiple blocks of content to display any information. From your launch plans and NFT sales to portfolio demonstrations and customer reviews. And the text blocks are thought out to the smallest detail so that you have all the possibilities for visualizing your text information.


Our team has developed a custom theme based on Underscores that adheres to best practices and coding standards within the WordPress community.

ScanCode – Subscription & Page Building

We developed a website for a subscription-based service that allows users to create QR codes and landing pages for them. We utilized WooCommerce with custom features, such as one-click subscription switching, for the paid subscription functionality.

QR code creation is handled through a REST API in an external service, while page building occurs entirely on the ScanCode website. Depending on the plan, users can choose from up to 10 templates to customize all blocks and their parameters. They can also insert images by selecting files from their device, Unsplash, or a library of previously used images.

Dehumidified Air Services

The task was to create a form using the gravity forms plugin for a client who deals with air conditioning systems in large skyscrapers. The form was based on a provided PDF file and required the client to enter a serial number, with a check to see if the number already existed in the client’s service.

Mundi Web Guy – Branding & Web Design

Our assignment was to create a brand identity and professional website for a voice actor. This involved redesigning the logo, determining the color scheme, building 5 pages and several page templates with feedback functionality, and optimizing the site for SEO.

The BDA development team did an excellent job with creating pop-ups, text blocks, landing pages, and plugin integration. We successfully created the 5 required pages and the client already got some really nice offers for his services!

Fiwy – Branding & Web Design

BDA has recently embarked on a new and exciting in-house project – a web app that automatically converts designs into websites. For this project, we were responsible for designing the brand assets from scratch, as well as designing and developing a business website. This included creating a brand name and logo, color scheme, and brand voice.

The website was targeted at web designers, who are known for their discerning tastes, so the interface had to be modern and up-to-date. We chose a neon on dark theme with a combination of simple objects and real-life imagery, and a soft glow in the background. There is a contact form on every page of the website for our audience to subscribe to or provide feedback.

Grove Bags

The client’s site client already had an e-commerce website, but it needed a complete redesign. Our main task was to rebuild the site content on a new foundation, make it more functional, and refresh the design.

The key problems of the client were complicated navigation, the lack of convenient product search with filtering, and an outdated design. Upon completion of the project, our client received a working sales tool, redesigned according to the latest trends in design and functionality, and with all the necessary e-commerce functionality.

KeysForWeb App

KeysForWeb is a BDA’s in-house web app that allows requesting and sending passwords both securely and easily. The interface boasts a top-scale design and clear user flow, helping users with prompts and suggestions on the way. The app is entirely custom-built and scalable.

To prevent user-end mistakes, we employed validity checks for credentials. The prebuilt request forms check if the keys provide access to the platform in question. KeysForWeb stores no data at any point after the transfer period.


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All members of the team communicated quickly and clearly. They were great to work with and completed my project quickly. I will hire them again when needed.

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Belov Digital Agency - WordPress Development - Reviews
Belov digital agency is extremely easy to work with, and does fast, quality work.

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Belov Digital Agency review
BDA not only knows their stuff, they know how to communicate and build trust. They have become my first point of contact when I need help with my sites.

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Belov Digital Agency - WordPress Development - Reviews
Overall wonderful work! I've used them multiple times and they always complete on time and communicate perfectly. Very professional! Thank you Belov Digital & Alex Belov!

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Job completed as promised! Plus, they helped me as clear as possible about what tasks were needed which was very helpful. Thank you!!

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This has been the best experience I've had with any Wordpress Developer or Development Team. I will keep coming back to Alex Belov and team to help me with the projects I need help with.

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