KeysForWeb App

KeysForWeb is a BDA’s in-house web app that allows requesting and sending passwords both securely and easily. The interface boasts a top-scale design and clear user flow, helping users with various prompts and suggestions on the way. The entire app is custom-built and scalable. We employed the most up-to-date technology and methods to build an app that truly helps people.

The users registered in the app can send an access keys request, but the receiving party doesn’t have to have a KeysForWeb account. The process is strongly protected: the forms reside on single-use links, all the input is strongly encrypted, and in 24 hours, all data is obliterated – as if never there to begin with.

To prevent user-end mistakes, we employed validity checks for credentials. The prebuilt request forms perform a check to make sure the keys provide access to the platform in question. KeysForWeb doesn’t store any data – neither at that point nor at any point after the transfer period.


Figma2WP is a BDA in-house project for design-to-site conversion. Our team created an effective website from both the design and functionality perspectives. It’s convenient in every aspect: from a detailed form for the transfer of a design to a site to storing the price of work calculated on the site.

The Figma2WP website is fully developed in Gutenberg. Based on this editor, we have created 12 custom blocks. Unusual custom design elements like number animation attract the users’ attention to thematic blocks and decorate them.


Our team has created an effective website for GearUp. We’ve taken into account all the visual and functional requirements and made all the blocks and pages adaptive.

The GearUp website was fully developed in Gutenberg. Based on this editor, we’ve created several custom blocks like those looking the same but acting differently for even higher adaptivity qualities of the website. Among other solutions, we’ve built different sidebar type templates, implemented content separation on the pages, and created custom interactive carousels.

KeysForWeb Website

This is the website for KeysForWeb – our web app for requesting and sending passwords securely and conveniently. For this website, we needed to design and develop the following pages: Homepage, About Us, How It Works, Pricing, FAQ, Contact Us, and a 404 page.

The Pricing page is highly dynamic and helps users select a plan to suit their needs. The prices adjust depending on the state of the toggle and on the option selected. The Enterprise plan prompts users to contact the sales to discuss a custom deal for their number of users and other conditions.

The resulting website helps users get acquainted with the app and its functions. It ensures that people can easily find useful information, subscribe to the app or to the newsletter, and learn more about the service.


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Alex and his team are true professionals and worked diligently within the timeframe we had to diagnose the problems I was having with my website. Super responsive and attentive. My new go-to for anything web-dev agency. Thank you!

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Alex's agency is super fast and does a great job helping us!

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I appreciate all the work BDA has done on my site. The team is very prompt, and delivers. I also appreciate that they explains everything very well. I would very much recommend Belov Digital and will hire them again. Thank you!

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BDA not only knows their stuff, they know how to communicate and build trust. They have become my first point of contact when I need help with my sites.

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Alex and his team were super helpful in the process of getting our site a new theme and functionality. Always keeping updates going as far as progress or answering questions. They beat all the timelines for our project. Looking forward to hiring them again in the future for more projects.

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Overall wonderful work! I've used them multiple times and they always complete on time and communicate perfectly. Very professional! Thank you Belov Digital & Alex Belov!

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