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Belov Digital Agency is another name for top-tier web service and the quality to boast about. 

We know how hard it is to get settled with ordering a website: there are so many options, tons of agencies and freelancers offer their service. How do you know which ones are the right choice?

Here’s what we tell you: the devil is in the detail. It’s all about how teams approach quality assurance. We in Belov Digital Agency can show you an example of what it should be – what it has to be to deliver great projects.

How we build top-level WordPress sites

1. Thorough briefing

All great projects start with an idea. First, we look into your project outline and discuss it with you. Thus, we collect all the information we need and can now break the project down into tasks – and start working! We’ll make sure we get your plan in all its beauty, taking every detail into account. If you’re not sure how to write them, feel free to use our guidelines.

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2. Neat and tidy starter theme

Starter themes are not what a WordPress user might imagine when thinking of a theme: they’re just a base for a future theme. We’re building sites on strong and reliable fundament – the wd_s starter theme. We love it for:

  • Clean structure ready for building anything on it
  • Built-in linters to keep the code lean
  • Reliability – made and supported by people behind WordPress!
  • Perfect WordPress compatibility – works with virtually everything on this CMS

It uses proven technology to be a perfect fit for WordPress and has everything necessary to build accessible and responsive themes. Be sure: your custom theme will be capable of providing personalized experiences to all your users.

3. Version control to miss no detail

We orchestrate our work processes at every stage of building your site. Figma helps us keep track of the design changes, Git is our version control system for development, plus we keep our in-house logs in order. No excessive bureaucracy, though: our tools leave us almost nothing to document manually.

4. Nitpicky code quality assurance

We in BDA are very fussy about our code. To make it squeaky-clean, we use:

  • Webpack and Gulp to make sure everything is perfectly web-adapted, optimized, and runs in the right order
  • SASS – the style preprocessor loved by experts around the world the most
  • PHP Code Sniffer to lint the code after writing so that no nasty thing escapes our attention

It’s shocking how many agencies skip this part! We don’t – and that’s how you know our product will do a great job working to your profit.

5. Communication!

Yup, as simple as it seems. We’re all one click away from each other – and our clients. In any project, we keep cooperation efficient. You can always reach out to us with any questions on your project – we’ll get back to you with all the answers ASAP.

For the utmost effectiveness, we stick to as few media as possible: a project management board, a chat app, and comments right in the files we work on. The less unnecessary back-and-forth, the faster things get done and the cleaner they turn out.

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Our key principles

Handcraft – automation balance

If you can delegate a process to an algorithm, it doesn’t mean you always should. Custom development is no one-fits-all solution a few algorithms can solve. That’s why we organize our workflow so that we can focus on creative engineering – but it never means resorting to templates.

Proven & up-to-date tech

That includes everything – from workflow methodology to code and technology involved. Better yet: we make our solutions responsive and update-friendly: your website will be as independent of third-party software as possible.

Codex compliance

To make the most of WordPress, you need to play by the rules. Their rules are in WordPress Codex – and we meticulously abide by them so that your site operates with zero friction. Our solutions are always scalable, theme- and plugin-compatible, and highly flexible.

No bloats

Lean code – better code. But no CMS is immune to code bloats. That’s why we don’t just leave it to WordPress to deal with them – it simply won’t suffice. We check, lint, and optimize our code, being fussy about it. Why is that important?

  • It helps your site load faster
  • It makes your site scalable
  • In the future, making changes, if necessary, will be much easier

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Making maintenance easy for you

Imagine a great-looking sports car that’s nearly impossible to maintain – sounds like a lot of regular trouble and disappointment. Same with websites: you want them to look and operate right, but you also don’t want to struggle with every update release.

In Belov Digital Agency, we develop sites, user-friendly on the surface and under the hood.

  • Child themes & custom plugins for updates

If your theme is expected to get frequent updates, we’ll create a special sandbox where you can test all the changes before applying them to the live site.

  • Neat admin dashboard

The admin area on WordPress can quickly get clogged with illegible things – that’s no good! To prevent that, we’ll clean up and organize your dashboard so that you’ll simply love using it.

  • Admin manuals

That’s right! We deliver our sites with instructions on the best admin practices and most common editing routines. That way, you’ll know how to update your content.

  • 30-day warranty

Having everything done, we won’t leave you hanging. We’ll be happy to fix any issues that may arise within 30 days after we ship the site. Plus, you can get a discounted maintenance scheduled for the year to come!

Ready to build something awesome?

Drop us a line or schedule a call: we’ll be happy to discuss your ideas.

Alex Belov

Alex is a professional web developer and the CEO of our digital agency. WordPress is Alex’s business - and his passion, too. He gladly shares his experience and gives valuable recommendations on how to run a digital business and how to master WordPress.


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