Belov Digital Agency accepts cryptocurrency

We’ve seen how popular the crypto industry has grown in recent years. And it’s projected to keep doing so for the following decade – in a booming tempo. So, after a few requests, we realized it’s time to make it official: we’re happy to accept cryptocurrency as payment!

Belov Digital Agency is now officially crypto-friendly: isn’t that great news for people who value the security and anonymity of their transactions? Working with us, you’re welcome to use Bitcoin, Ξ Ethereum, Ɖ Dogecoin, and other popular currencies (tied to the USDT exchange rate) to pay for any of our services. Any digital wallets supporting these cryptocurrencies (MetaMask, Coinbase, and others) are fine!

Before we begin with the project, we’ll discuss all the further details with you and sign a contract for the complete security of both sides. After that, we’ll provide the necessary payment information. Our team works by sprints, and we accept 100% prepay before each sprint.

We have a history of successful cooperation with crypto businesses and hope to collaborate on more exciting projects in the future. So, for BDA, the decision to accept cryptocurrency was just a matter of time 🙂

Do you use crypto in your business?


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