Belov Digital’s Review Score 2021 – All 5-Stars!

It’s about that time of the year when everyone sums up their work done and goals achieved. For us, it began just now with the Belov Digital Clutch 2021 Review!

Clutch already had us on the list of Leading UX/UI companies in New York. But this review brought us even more awesome news. 100% of Belov Digital’s reviews on Clutch this year were five-stars – look at us!

Isn’t that a feel-good end-of-the-year story! That means next year, Belov Digital Agency reviews must keep up with this appraising number! We’ll keep up the good work 💪

When you’re right in the middle of the work, you barely find a minute to give yourself a pat on the back. However, looking back on 2021, we can say it’s been a great year for Belov Digital Agency. Thanks to Clutch for pointing it out 😉

It’s been quite a year – we all had a lot. And receiving such a significant review score for Belov Digital’s services was a really nice feeling. Many thanks to our awesome clients for their kindness – and to Clutch once again!


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