If your WordPress website is triggering mixed content warnings in visitors’ browsers, this is because it is loading a mix of HTTP and HTTPS scripts or content. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE and all other commonly used browsers are configured to raise the alarm when a website attempts to load what it considers to be insecure HTTP content alongside secure HTTPS content.

While it’s nice to know why your website is causing this error to be raised in client browsers, you’re probably more interested in finding out what it means for your site and how you can fix the problem.

WordPress SSL insecure content fixer
"As an international team that specializes in designing, building and maintaining websites with WordPress, we have a great deal of experience fixing mixed content warnings and offer a professional repair service to our clients across the globe. However, we’re sure that you’d like a little more information on the source of your problem and what effect it might have on your website before you decide whether you would like to take advantage of our service. "

What Is Causing Your Mixed Content Issues?

You’re most likely to encounter the warning after migrating from HTTP to HTTPS and forgetting to remove all the HTTP links that may be present on the various pages of your WordPress website. Other common causes include plugins and images that are hosted on HTTP sites and linked to from your site with absolute rather than relative paths. External scripts on HTTP sites that you may be linking to using an absolute path will also cause the same problem. You can probably think of a few examples off the top of your head but unless you remove every single instance from your website, mixed content warnings will still be triggered when certain pages are loaded in clients’ browsers.

The mixed content examples above can be divided into two broad categories:

1. Passive – Any type of content that is unable to execute an action in users’ browsers is passive. Images are a good example of insecure content: they will trigger a warning but in and of themselves, they present no immediate danger.

2. Active – This type of insecure content is considered more dangerous as it has the ability to alter other parts of the pages on which it sits, and harvest user input in some cases. JavaScript, style sheets, IFrames and anything else a browser may download and execute are all included in this category.

Unfortunately, browser error messages do not specify whether the culprit is active or passive so any visitors to your website may well assume the worst, which brings us to the next point you need to consider.

What Effect Will Mixed Content Have on Your WordPress Website?

WordPress SSL insecure content fixer

There are a number of very good reasons you should act quickly to deal with mixed content errors caused by your website, including the following:

Your Visitors Are at Risk – The move to HTTPS was motivated by a desire to ensure that people are able to visit websites without having to worry about whether their safety will be compromised. HTTPS uses SSL encryption to protect the data that flows between your site and your visitors, in both directions. On the other hand, insecure content over HTTP, exposes your visitors to unacceptable risks such as the possibility of their personal data being stolen or used without their permission. You can imagine the effect that a successful attack on one of your customers would have on your business if it were found to have been launched from your own website.

Your Site Is at Risk – If your website is not secure, it could be altered by hackers, either with malicious intent or simply to inject links to sites they wish to promote. For obvious reasons, you will not want to be in a situation where your business website could be altered without you knowing anything about it, at any moment in time. With absolutely no control over the content that could be placed on your site in the event it is hacked, almost anything could happen.

Your Reputation Will Be at Risk – This is true of all corporate websites that trigger errors but none more so than e-commerce sites where products can be ordered and paid for. A mixed content warning that tells visitors their connection to your site is not fully secure is unlikely to inspire confidence in your business. If you’ve ever been browsing online and come across a mixed content warning yourself, you’ll know the kind of feeling they arouse and it’s not one you’ll be wanting to arouse in your own visitors

If you want to protect the reputation you have worked hard for and ensure that your customers are not exposed to any unnecessary safety risks when visiting your site, we recommend addressing the issue at the earliest possible opportunity.

Taking Action to Fix Your Mixed Content Problem

WordPress SSL insecure content fixer

Before you get started on fixing your mixed content problem, you will need to make sure that you have already installed a valid and up-to-date SSL certificate for your WordPress website and used a site-wide 301 redirect directive to redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS. If you’re not sure how to complete these steps, please feel free to contact us and ask for assistance. In addition to our mixed content repair service, we also provide competitively priced maintenance services for WordPress websites.

Assuming that you’ve already installed your SSL certificate and redirected traffic to HTTPS, your next task will be to identify which particular resources on your website are loading via HTTP and causing the warnings. This may be a very simple task if your website consists of just a few pages but for large sites that are spread over hundreds or even thousands of pages, it can be quite a complex task. Fortunately, it’s not something you will have to do by yourself. There are Chrome tools you can launch to inspect specific pages that cause the warning and plugins that can automate this and most of the other tasks you will need to complete.

If you’re not keen on tackling the job yourself, either because you have too much on your plate already or because you’d rather leave to a professional, our mixed content repair service is perfect for you.

Using Our WordPress Insecure Content Repair Service

For website owners and webmasters who have a million and one other things to be getting on with, searching for and fixing mixed content issues can be an overly time-consuming task that just gets left on the back burner for months and months. This is perfectly understandable but, as we pointed out earlier, you’re risking your reputation, your turnover and your customers’ online safety every day that goes by without these issues being fixed. A much better approach to take is to let our experts take care of all the details for you.

Our WordPress content repair service covers everything that needs to be done to your site and once we’ve finished adjusting settings and making sure that there are no links to HTTP scripts, images, websites or plugins, your website will load without triggering any mixed content warnings and that’s a promise. The main tasks we will complete on your behalf are as follows:

Identifying All Insecure Content on Your WordPress Web

Our first task will be to identify every link to HTTP resources that by their very nature, are not secure. Although this task will be automated for the most part, our experience at dealing with these issues helps us to spot problems that are sometimes missed by the various WordPress plugins and web tools designed to locate the sources of mixed content warnings.

Update Your WordPress Control Panel

Update Your WordPress Control Panel settings along with your .htaccess and wp-config.php files. To make sure that you have no further problems, we will check and update all settings for your WordPress website and control panel, along with these key configuration and administration files.

Replace All HTTP URLs in Your Database

This is a crucial step for dynamic pages that is often forgotten, even by experienced webmasters sometimes. All the HTTP URLs in your database must be replaced with the relevant HTTPS URLs: if they are not, your problems will persist.

If there are any other issues causing mixed content warnings on your WordPress website that are not resolved by the steps outlined above, we’ll take care of them for you. As we mentioned earlier, our team is comprised of WordPress experts, all of who have a great deal of experience in dealing with mixed content issues so you can rest assured that your website will be in the best hands possible.

Fix your Mixed Content Problem

Our mission is to prevent any and all problems for wordpress users. Our goal is for your site to function perfectly.

Taking Evasive Action

If you are still in the planning stages of moving your WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS, we can help you to make the move quickly and smoothly. By identifying content that is not secure ahead of time, we can prevent your site from triggering mixed content warnings when you actually make the change. We can install your SSL certificate for you, check all your database entries and adjust all your settings. Whether you do the work yourself or we do it for you, it’s possible to check that everything is as it should be before going live, by applying the changes to your staging site and testing it extensively first.

It’s well worth investing a little time and money to make sure you get it right the first time, in order to avoid the negative consequences that often accompany mixed content warnings.

If you have any questions about fixing mixed content issues with your WordPress website or you would like to find out more about our mixed content repair service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, either by phone, email or by using the contact form on our site. Our WordPress experts are ready and waiting to provide you with all the help you need.