Wordpress Website Repair and Security

We offer a comprehensive WordPress security service to individuals, small companies and large enterprises.

Whether you are managing a couple of personal blogs or a host of commercial sites, our team can perform a detailed security audit of your sites, identifying and rectifying any weak spots in your defenses and making sure that you are well protected in the future.

Belov Digital Agency - Wordpress Website Repair and Security

If you would like ongoing assistance with site security, we recommend checking out our WP maintenance plans, which include a 24/7 monitoring service along with regular malware scans and update checks for plugins, themes, and core WordPress files.

If you sign up for our maintenance service, we will make sure that you have the best protection possible at all times and will create regular site backups, enabling you to restore your sites in a matter of minutes if something does manage to get through your defenses.

WordPress Security Service

Strong Passwords and Unique User Names WordPress Belov Digital Agency

Strong Passwords and Unique User Names

When we perform our security audit of your WordPress installation and associated websites, we will examine the user names and passwords that you are currently using for administrative purposes and help you to create strong new passwords and unique user names if necessary. By doing so, you will be able to thwart the attempts of determined hackers who try to attack your sites.

Leaked Password Protection WordPress Belov Digital Agency

Leaked Password Protection

Hackers that obtain login details used by individuals on other sites may use this information to gain access to your sites. To make sure this does not happen, we can provide you with leaked password protection: if any of your administrators are using a password that has previously been used in a successful attack on another site, they will be prompted to change it immediately.

Malware Scan WordPress Belov Digital Agency

Malware Scan

As part of our WordPress security service, we will perform a deep malware scan to root out any infected files and make sure that there is no malicious code lurking in the darkest recesses of your site directories.

Location and Manual Blocking WordPress Belov Digital Agency

Location and Manual Blocking

If, during the audit, we identify hacking attempts that emanate from a particular location, we can block that country from accessing your sites. We can also manually block any IP addresses from which attacks are found to have originated, thereby reducing the possibility of future attacks.

Two-Factor Authentication WordPress Belov Digital Agency

Two-Factor Authentication

We will help you to set up 2FA for your WordPress dashboard, making it virtually impossible for unauthorised parties to gain access. With two-factor authentication, a code will be sent to a mobile device of your choice every time you log in to your dashboard. Without such a code, a hacker that has managed to obtain your login details will be unable to do anything with them.

Wordpress Website Repair and Security

Installation of Security Software

As part of our one-off security service, we will recommend software solutions for your sites that will protect you from hack attempts and malware attacks. The software that we recommend, and will install for you if desired, will provide you with file change detection, brute force password protection, and use a blacklist to block IP addresses that display suspicious activity. It will also monitor visits to your sites, logging details such as IP addresses, time of visits and time spent by visitors on your websites, enabling you to take swift action if any of your visitors should prove to have malicious intentions.

SSL Certificate Installation WordPress Belov Digital Agency

SSL Certificate Installation

We can help you to install an SSL certificate, after which all data flowing between visitors and your site will be safely encrypted. When visitors see ‘https://’ at the start of your website URL, they will be reassured that any data they send to you, including credit card information, will be completely safe.


We guarantee to respond and begin scanning and repairing your website in 8 hours or less.

Hack Attack Recovery Service

If your WordPress website has already been hacked and you need help quickly, we offer an emergency service that is designed to get your site up and running again as quickly as possible, with improved security measures in place to prevent a repeat occurrence.

Website Security and Uptime

The first thing we do when helping a client to recover from an attack is to run a series of scans on the site, hunting for corrupted files in the site directory and repairing any that are found. These scans are very thorough but can be performed in a relatively short space of time, enabling you to get your site back up and running without a significant delay.

Database Scan and Repair

We will perform a detailed scan of your site database to see whether it has been targeted during the attack. If your database structure, data or files have been corrupted, we will identify and repair the damage before helping you to get your site back online again.

Future Protection

As we mentioned above, if you are interested in an ongoing security service, including regular malware scans, the checking of files and plugins to make sure they are up to date and were downloaded from a verified source, and live monitoring of your sites, please take a look at our WordPress maintenance services.

If you have any questions about either our one-off security services or our regular maintenance packages, please feel free to get in touch at any time.