Why WordPress is Typically the Best CMS for Most Businesses + Some Scenarios Where You May Need Help from a Pro

Most people don’t realize it, but WordPress has quietly taken over much of the internet. What began as a nice little Content Management System (CMS), has slowly transformed into a powerful development tool that’s giving everyone the ability to compete on the global stage. Today, more than 60 million websites use WordPress and that number grows by some 10,000 each and every day.

Still, some people wonder whether WordPress is the right CMS for their particular needs. So to help clear things up, let’s take a closer look at WordPress and the many advantages it provides the contemporary business owner.

Why WordPress is Typically the Best CMS for Most Businesses

  • You Don’t Have to be a Programmer to Use It – One of the biggest expenses related to custom website development is paying the coders who make it all work. If you don’t have 6 figures to drop on website development, WordPress can help you achieve professional-looking results for relative peanuts. Yes, you (or someone who works for you), will need to spend some time getting familiar with how WordPress works. But it’s a lot easier than most people think and there are a ton of high-quality tutorials available online that will simplify and speed up the process.
  • It’s SEO Friendly – If your website is not optimized for search, you’re leaving money on the table. It’s that simple. But who has the time to become an SEO expert or the money to invest in a Search Engine Optimization campaign right out of the gate? Fortunately, WordPress is optimized for SEO. The finished site is free of superfluous code, loads quickly, is mobile-friendly and there are a ton of free plugins available that will analyze your content for errors and SEO missteps before you post it.
  • It’s Customizable – No one wants their website to look exactly like 10,000 others. Fortunately, there are hundreds of WordPress templates to choose from and each is highly customizable. You’re able to tweak colors and backgrounds, move things around, add or subtract functionality or even add your own custom features you developed independently. In addition, there are thousands of plugins available that will help you customize the look, feel and functionality of your site.
  • It’s Fundamentally Secure – Security is one of the biggest issues facing website owners today. All it takes is one skilled hacker to bring down your site and drag down your company’s reputation along with it. The people behind WordPress are highly skilled pros who stay up to date on all the latest security threats circulating in cyberspace. As a result, WordPress releases regular security updates that keep you protected without interfering with functionality.
  • It Makes Content Management Easy – In the past (or even the present without WordPress), updating a website could be a time consuming, often disruptive process. On top of that, paying pros to keep your content up to date can get expensive. Updating a WordPress site, however, is something that can be done by most people quickly and easily. WordPress also offers different levels of access. So you can grant specific people access to specific areas of the site. This way, there’s no mistaking who did what, and areas you don’t want touched, won’t get touched by anyone but you.
  • Vast Community Support – If you ever have a problem with WordPress, you have an unprecedented community of users to help you. There are scores of WordPress support forums out there stuffed to the gills with useful information. It’s safe to say you shouldn’t have any problem finding a quick and easy fix for whatever issue you may be having. Chances are there is also a YouTube video that will take you, one step at a time, through the process of solving your problem.

Some Scenarios Where You Might Need Help From a Pro

WordPress sets the bar for convenience and dependability when it comes to Content Management Systems. Nonetheless, there may come a time when you may find it necessary to reach out to a pro for some assistance. Here are a few such instances:

  • You’re Pressed for Time – Most people find WordPress easy to understand and work with. Which is one big reason it has become the world’s most popular Content Management System. But everything takes a bit of getting used to, even WordPress. And if you are like most business owners, it’s likely your time is at a premium. In such situations, you may need to reach out to a pro to handle the design and installation of your WordPress website. We’ve helped scores of businesses get their WordPress websites off the ground. And for a lot less than you might imagine. We can help you too. Give us a call to find out more.
  • There are Pending Updates and Upgrades – From time to time, WordPress will automatically install updates or upgrade certain functions. On rare occasions, one of these may cause conflicts with existing features on your site. Particularly if you have any custom features that were created specifically for your website. The good news is that WordPress typically alerts website owners that updates or upgrades are coming. So if you get a notification, and you are unsure if it may interfere with a custom-designed aspect of your site, ring us up. We’ll be happy to take a look and do what’s necessary to ensure your website operation doesn’t skip a beat.
  • You are Unsure Which Plugin to Use – Most website owners have needs that are particular to their business, product or service. In such cases, they could likely benefit from one of the incredible array of WordPress plugins. Because there are so many plugins – and so many that may offer similar functions and benefits – you may not have time to sift through them all to find the one that’s just right for you. Never fear. Our WordPress experts know the ins and outs of WordPress plugins like the back of their hand. They can help you select exactly the right plugin to serve your needs and get it up and running for you in no time flat. 
  • You Can’t Find a Plugin to Serve Your Particular Needs – Although the number of plugins available to WordPress users is staggering, there may still come a time when you can’t find one that dovetails perfectly with your needs. It’s not common, but it does happen. If it happens to you, there’s no reason to despair. Our WordPress experts will craft whatever custom feature your website requires. Our vast knowledge of the WordPress architecture ensures that the custom feature we create for you will integrate seamlessly with the rest of your WordPress site. So if you’re having trouble finding just the right plugin, give us a call.

The Bottom Line

WordPress did not become the most popular Content Management System on earth by being hard to work with and unreliable. Quite the contrary. It’s one of the few aspects of working with the internet today that is still accessible to the average person. This is why everyone from retirees looking for a way to chronicle their travels, to multinational corporations in search of a safe and secure platform for their new site, choose WordPress. If you need assistance with your current WordPress website give us a call. Likewise, if you are in search of someone to help with the design and installation of a new WordPress website, contact us today.

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