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Behold, the world: we’re introducing the best service for secure password request & transfer – KeysForWeb!

Unlike most of the other services out there, KeysForWeb not only provides means for sharing credentials securely but also for initiating the exchange – for sending a request. If you often need to ask for other people’s credentials, this is just the service for you.

Many of us who provide digital services know the struggle: lots of lengthy explanations, services that lack attractivity (if not plain ugly) and look 100 years old. All that is not really in line with trying to look professional and to make your client feel secure and comfortable.

But here’s what: with KeysForWeb, that’s no longer a problem! You just select a request for the keys you need or build your custom one and send it in a click. Everything is perfectly simple and looks neat and tidy: your clients will appreciate your attitude to their comfort.

At KeysForWeb, only the requesting party needs to be a registered user; the owner of the data to be shared can be any person outside the service. They’ll simply receive a link to the secure form over an email. Thus, we combine convenience with security – and everyone’s happy!

Better yet: there are prebuilt forms for the most common platforms which validate the data provided in them. Users can also build their own requests for any other types of access keys.

Read more on how KeysForWeb works on its website.

We can’t wait to launch the app officially! Stay tuned for the release announce and see you on KeysForWeb!

UPD: It’s official – we launched KeysForWeb!


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