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European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Head Office



About The Client

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development invests in changing lives across three continents by building sustainable and open market economies wherever they work. They also promote equality of opportunity through access to skills and employment, finance and entrepreneurship for women and young people.


UK, London


Building sustainable and open market economies


Economies, Corporate, Investment, Finance


The company needs a set of interrelated websites to present annual financial reports (one website for one year).

The reports had to be distributed between three subsites, and the main one had to have an Our Stories section as well. Therefore, we developed the following subsites and pages:

01. Our Stories Page
02. Sustainability Report
03. Financial Report
04. Annual Review


The most difficult part of the task was to create a resource page in the form of story cards.

This Stories section demonstrates how the EBRD’s focus on six transition qualities – competitive, well-governed, green, inclusive, resilient and integrated – is helping to build open-market economies and support the Sustainable Development Goals across the EBRD regions.

WP (Gutenberg editor + Advanced Custom Fields PRO)
React, PHP, JavaScript

EBRD case study 2019

Our Stories Page

We needed to ensure that:

  • Each card can change its color, tooltips, links, behavior and background images
  • The specialized custom filter can sort stories by categories and location
  • The admin can set the buttons to the card and choose the related icons
  • Also the admin can set the category and location of the story
EBRD case study 2019

Ajax Search

The search functionality on the site should work across all resources, pages and posts. Our team chose the Ajax Search Pro plugin because it provides a good API for that task (multisite search).

EBRD case study 2019

Extended Menu Block

Annual review, Financial report, Sustainability report – all of those sites are equipped with a good admin panel that provides flexible control to combine blocks, build pages and fill them with content.

Each of them has an extended menu block. The editor can add widgets, navigation items, buttons with links and other types of content. We also enabled automatic changing of the 2nd and 3rd blocks activated by choosing the next menu item.

EBRD case study 2019

Header Image

The header image of the homepage is also flexible to change. Background image, opacity, title, and description are all editable for that block.

“For any site, load time is a parameter of high significance. We minimize the load by substituting the general solutions that tend to be heavy for our tailor-made blocks. That way, we know everything on the site serves a specific purpose and does not take up extra space in vain.”

EBRD case study 2019

Cards Block

The block with cards from the stories page has a modification. It allows setting the lite version of the block anywhere on the site. Buttons, links, images, opacity, and more other options will be available for the admin.

EBRD case study 2019

Read More

The Read more block for text and images hiding big content blocks helps make the site user-friendly.

EBRD case study 2019

Interactive Footer

The interactive footer with slider and contents blocks provides ample opportunities to customize it. Here, the admin can set the related posts, images, links, icons, and other assets.

EBRD case study 2019

Read Me

In the end, we added a “Read me” page with detailed video and text instructions on how to use the site correctly. At any moment, the administrator can refer to this manual and configure the project correctly.


To make using the site even more pleasant, we replaced some of the plugins with more lightweight solutions – our custom blocks.

With that done and unnecessary load removed, we made the site less heavy so that it loads faster. We used only the Gutenberg editor functionality for building posts on the new site instead of WP Bakery previously used for that. Thus, we ensured the site is not tied up into working with one particular page builder.

That required transferring the information from the old platform to the new. We moved everything to the new site and made it more edit-friendly by using the native WordPress editor.

The reports were distributed between the sites on the corresponding subdomains; each of them, as well as they all as a system, had a clear and convenient structure and more user-friendly frontend interface and admin panel. Along with that, we supplemented the site with instructions on how to configure everything on the site correctly.

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