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Creative Film Agency Flightless



About the Project


United States


A Boutique + Creative Film Agency


Video and Media Production

Our goal

The client already had a homepage design. Our main tasks were to prepare the design of internal pages in the same style and to implement an integration of Vimeo. We’ve designed 8 pages considering responsiveness according to the client’s recommendations and built them into WordPress project.

The pages we created:

  1. Home
  2. Work
  3. Work Page Template
  4. Directors
  5. Directors Page Template
  6. About Us
  7. Contact Us
  8. Text Page Template


Our team at Belov Digital agency followed a current user flow to extend the existing sitemap with the new pages. A distinctive feature of the design concept was the presence of many project previews.

It was important for the client to express the individuality and uniqueness of the company. The birth story of Flightless plays a special role for the company. That’s why we made a separate block about it on the page About Us and paid special attention to it.


During its existence, the Flightless team has accumulated unique experience and a considerable number of successful commercial projects. One of the goals we had was to showcase the company’s portfolio. Thanks to the integration with Vimeo, the user can view the clips on the website. When you hover over a project, a short 5-7 soundless video automatically plays.

Work Page Template

If we try to describe the site’s design briefly, it would be “laconic and efficient”. The dark background sets off the previews favorably. It attracts visitors to get to know the details of the project better.

The project page is no exception too. Once here, the user has the opportunity to see the video as well as to choose another one. To do this, we have provided a See More button that directs a user to a popup.


In any company, teamwork is fundamental. In the same way, Flightless has a team of real professionals, thanks to which you can see the positive dynamics in the agency’s development.

Great attention is paid to each member of the team. For the client, it is essential to emphasize the merit of each. That’s why we made the Directors page as you see it now. In addition, by clicking on the photo, the user gets to the individual page of the director.

About Us

The company page consists of several information blocks. One of the blocks is a photo gallery. Since the number of photos is large, the user can open the hidden part of the gallery if desired. The asymmetrical arrangement rhymes with the composition of the video preview in the block on the main page.

Almost all pages of the site have a feedback form. We used Gravity Forms for this purpose. This increases the speed of communication with the user and the chances of getting a new client.


As mentioned above, Flightless attaches particular importance to the company’s origin story. One of the client’s wishes was to make a custom, visually convenient adaptive block with photos and text about the team.

Contact Us

The company has several contact people for communication on various video production issues. A feedback form has been added to the page for greater user convenience. In addition, there is an opportunity to contact future applicants.


Integration with Google Maps made it possible to visualize the company’s addresses. The map helps navigate the location of the offices and determines which contact person would be more convenient to contact.


Our development team used all the tools of visual communication and developed a stylish and functional website.

For this, we integrated Vimeo, Google Maps, and Gravity Forms. The website complies with modern development standards. A lot of self-playing previews add an interactive dynamic to the design.