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Vial – leader in the field of medical research


2021 – ongoing

About the Project

Vial, an American startup in the medical industry, is experiencing rapid growth. The company benefits from our continuous technical support. Our team of developers is entirely responsible for the website’s functionality and ensuring its high-loading parameters. These efforts have proven successful, as evidenced by the company securing $100 million in funding in 2022, led by General Catalyst, with additional contributions from companies such as Byers Capital and BoxGroup.




Organization and Conduct of Medical Trials, Scientific Research


Medicine and Pharmacology

Our Goals

Increasing the company’s online presence is the primary goal of creating the website. Additionally, it was crucial to strengthen the corporate image and emphasize the uniqueness of the offered services. Specifically, this involves the development of new pharmaceuticals for medical fields such as dermatology, oncology, cardiology, gastroenterology, and others.

The company makes a significant contribution to researching and discovering the latest means to combat various diseases. It engages in recruiting patients willing to participate in trials of cutting-edge medical drugs capable of addressing even rare illnesses. Thus, Vial serves as a bridge between patients and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Furthermore, the company conducts training for specialists, remote patient diagnostics, and many other activities. It is important to note that Vial contributes to medical research, advancing the industry with the help of information technologies.


To achieve the aforementioned goals, our experts enhanced the website’s performance and ensured its security. Considering the complex structure and abundance of information on the site, achieving high page loading speeds was a top priority.

Additionally, the website features numerous built-in widgets and plugins. Some pages interact with external services, and our specialists configured flawless data transmission, ensuring the seamless operation of the site. Daily support encompasses not only maintenance but also the redesign of key pages for conducting A/B tests. The measures taken have a positive impact on the website traffic.

Vial Glossary Page

Google Website Promotion

To enhance the understanding of medical terminology and foster user loyalty, we’ve introduced a convenient glossary. With just a few clicks, users can access definitions without leaving the site, resulting in extended average session durations. This, in turn, has a positive impact on search engine rankings.

vial about us page

Company Information Updates

Vial is a rapidly expanding project, and you can find comprehensive information about its team members and company progress on the ‘About Us’ page. We continuously update this section to keep up with the team’s rapid growth.


Talent Acquisition

Given Vial’s rapid expansion, the company is consistently seeking qualified professionals. As a result, we have established a dedicated web page featuring current job openings. Information on this page is uniquely updated directly from the Lever API external service. The convenient filtering system simplifies the job search process, whether it be remote work or in-office positions.

Investor Relations Page

Investor Attraction

Our team has been closely collaborating with Vial for an extended period. In addition to updating information on existing pages, we consistently add new sections. To cater to the growing number of investors and earn the trust of potential ones, we’ve provided relevant information for them. CRO page helps investors track the startup’s evolution, stay informed about the latest developments, and ignite their desire to collaborate with Vial.


Expanding the Loyal Audience

To gather contacts from loyal users on the pages featuring educational materials, information collection is implemented. Before viewing a webinar or downloading a White Paper, users are required to fill out a feedback form. This allows the company to build a database that, in turn, helps maintain contact with the audience.


Data synchronization with an external API

As mentioned earlier, the website has extensive informational resources. It is essential to note that in the medical field, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector, there is a vast amount of terminology. To assist users in better navigating among medications, a page listing drugs approved in the United States is provided. Information about drugs is retrieved from a third-party API.

Reputation Building

Implementation of AI

The pervasive adoption of artificial intelligence across various facets of contemporary life is a dominant trend embraced by successful and forward-looking enterprises. Vial, aligning with this trend, has seamlessly integrated artificial intelligence into its operations, spotlighted on its recently unveiled landing page. This initiative is directed towards fortifying Vial’s corporate image, rendering it more attractive to potential investors and emerging talents.


The recently introduced landing page BatteryBio effectively addresses these objectives. It provides a brief overview of growth prospects driven by the use of artificial intelligence capabilities. This approach reduces the time and cost of creating new chemical compounds for pharmaceutical production. Consequently, scientists can offer new treatment methods to patients much faster. The section includes both an animated process of drug creation using artificial intelligence and a list of current job vacancies.


Thanks to well-established communication, we can ensure minimal task completion times, contributing to the continuous development of the website and the enhancement of its tools. Over the course of our partnership, we have observed the dynamic strengthening of the company’s brand and image, the attraction of new investment resources, the constant expansion of the team, and the implementation of new technologies, including artificial intelligence.

The outcome of our work and effective technical maintenance is continuous monitoring of the website’s operation, ongoing improvement of technologies, and the incorporation of changes upon request. We have maintained close collaboration for several years, and our team is always ready to introduce new ideas and additional functionalities.

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