Add “Video” Block in WordPress Gutenberg Page Builder

Let’s begin. This tutorial will show you how to add the “Video” block to your Gutenberg page on the WordPress website.

  1. Click the “+” icon to choose the new block
  2. Go to Common Blocks tab or Most Used tab and choose the “Video” block
  3. Choose your file, whether upload it from your computer or choose previously uploaded in your Media.
  4. As an alternative, you can choose “Insert from URL” option to embed the video from Youtube or other video platforms.
  5. Once the video is added, you can choose the width of it.
  6. Also, you can choose whether to show controls or not, autoplay it or not etc. It’s all at the right sidebar.
  7. Also, don’t forget to add “Poster Image” as a fallback for the devices that do not support html5 video, or to be shown while the video is loading on slow internet.
  8. Publish
  9. Test the result


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