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Fiwy is a BDA’s in-house project – a web app that will import your design groundwork from Figma, Sketch, or another design app to WordPress. The app reads design files and extracts the essentials: the code behind the items. All it needs is a link to the design: then, it lets users label the elements (e.g., button, text block, input box) to make sure Fiwy renders them correctly.

As a result, you can choose to get either the code itself (all the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript your website design implies) or your site in structure blocks (WordPress blocks for sites on WordPress, for instance).




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We needed to design a brand, starting with the brand name, logo, tagline, and color system. The branding process will keep going on as Fiwy grows as a company, and the rest of the brand assets will be created at later stages of Fiwy’s development.

For the new brand, we needed to build a website that would present information about the service and serve as a landing for the target audience. The website had to have a home page, About & Contact pages, pages for the blog (Blog + Single Post page), and Terms Of Service & Privacy Policy pages.


The brand and its website design had to answer the picky taste of the potential users – web designers, and provide the opportunity to sign up for early access and feedback.

As planned for the brand, the app should create a neutral-friendly atmosphere and elicit the feeling of being cared about. For that purpose, we’ve chosen to use soft and round shapes throughout the interface and mellow neon colors.

Fiwy - Branding


Fiwy – the brand name for the app – was created as a short and memorable descriptive word that alludes to Figma and WordPress – the most widely preferred web design app and CMS. This allusion will also be useful at the next stages of the brand development, since the first version of Fiwy is to provide the automated transition between these two platforms.

The brand is designed to elicit an image of something soft and cute, so that people can see it as a helper. Based on that, we’ve decided for a simple polite tone of voice without excessive formality or, vice versa, overfamiliarity for the brand – both on the website and in the app.

Fiwy - Logo


We’ve designed the logo as a representation of the streamlined smoothness of the conversion, plus the nice-looking creature in a circular shape adds to the overall feeling of wholesomeness.

Fiwy - Color code


The app is aimed mostly at web designers, and the people working in the web industry often prefer dark mode over standard white/light backgrounds. That’s why Fiwy’s website uses a dark theme, murky glassmorphic objects, and mostly dimmed neon colors for the text and images.

Fiwy - Main page


The design mostly uses flat graphics with few details, which works well with the colors used and assists in building the necessary image. The main page also combines flat design with a real-life picture, creating a 90s-style collage.

The soon-to-come app will appear on a subdomain of this website. Most of the exciting engineering and development happens around there. Stay tuned!

Fiwy - Contact form

Contact forms

For people to get in touch, ask about anything, or get early access to the app, we’ve created contact forms. The one for free access requests is at the end of all website pages, and the standard contact form is on the Contacts page.

Fiwy - FAQ

FAQ block

The Features page has a custom FAQ block. Questions and answers there are placed in an accordion. We used soft slider animation for the answers. Opening an answer doesn’t trigger the closing of the previously opened one.


We’ve completed a project for branding, design, and development for the new app – Fiwy. A catchy name and soft design elicit the feeling of friendliness and work well for the app reputation as a helper.

The interface of the brand’s business website uses a dark background and neon colors with a murky glass effect – a style much loved by the web community. The flat design combined with real-life imagery to draw the attention of the audience.

Fiwy’s website is already working to attract users for the soon-to-launch app. All the features are explained in various custom Gutenberg blocks, and there are plenty of contact forms to ensure users can get in touch with the team.

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