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About the Client

Metageek is an online hobby and toy store located in Yorkshire, England that specializes in trading card games and collectibles, including popular franchises such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball, Final Fantasy, and Digimon.


Yorkshire, UK


E-commerce, online sales – local & worldwide


Online shop – hobby and toys

Our goals

The client requested a website with multiple functions, prioritizing ease of use and convenience. They also requested the inclusion of a customer loyalty system. Key considerations for the project included:

  1. A fast shopping cart with real-time updates and notifications of additions
  2. An interactive product search feature
  3. Integration of various payment options
  4. Ability to track product.


The developers utilized a substantial amount of plugins and tools to satisfy the client’s requirements. The team utilized modern technology to enhance the purchasing experience and make it user-friendly.

The outcome was a website equipped with a suite of plugins and integrations, including Klarna Payments, Clearray Gateway, and PayPal Express Checkout Payment Gateway, to ensure a convenient payment process.


The primary objective for the developers and designers was to create a versatile website. Per the client’s request, the designer created additional page templates, in addition to the 17 existing pages on the website. These included a blog section, a category landing page, a full-width text page, and a regular text page, allowing the client to easily select the desired page and add their own content. The website features two types of user menus: a basic version and an extended version.

Product Search

Efficient navigation is a hallmark of a successful website, and for this reason, the product search has been streamlined and made interactive. Users can quickly find the desired product, aided by custom filters on the product page and the ability to switch between grid and list display modes. Additionally, a block featuring a comprehensive list of recommended products provides ample options for the buyer to choose from.

Checkout & Payment

The Metageeks online store caters to customers worldwide, which requires robust payment and order functionality, as well as a user-friendly display of products and features. To achieve this, our team implemented several payment options, including a rewards and points system, currency conversion, pre-ordering, and a shipping calculator that is accessible both on the store and at checkout.

To bring these features to life, we used a combination of WooCommerce plugins and other WordPress e-commerce plugins, customizing them to meet the client’s specific needs and ensuring seamless operation. The store accepts payments in multiple currencies, with prices displayed in pounds or the currency selected while browsing the store.


For the users’ convenience, we’ve enabled multiple payment methods on this ecommerce website. Customers can use any of the most common cards, PayPal, Clearpay, and other popular systems. At the top part of the page, there is a PayPal Express Checkout button. If the customer has bonus points on their account, they can use them to pay here.

The Payment Methods form displays 5 available payment methods and, depending on the one selected, shows the corresponding secure input boxes.

Shopping Cart

The customizable shopping cart displays crucial information and several helpful blocks to assist users in locating the right product and encouraging them to make a purchase. The key information includes the order list, basket summary, and a shipping calculator, which is also accessible at checkout. Customers can input their promo code or gift card number at this stage.

The cart page features a Wishlist block displaying products that the customer has added to their wishlist. Below the order details, there is a “You Might Also Like” block that showcases products similar to those in the cart. The data displayed is live and synchronized with information displayed in other blocks and pop-up windows on other pages.

Basket Summary block

This block dynamically displays the order information and provides estimates for the available shipping options. To make sure customers don’t miss the opportunity to save on shipping, the prompt at the top shows the amount remaining until free shipping is available. To get a precise shipping cost, customers can either click Calculate Shipping or proceed to checkout.


The Checkout page contains the order summary and the forms necessary to complete the purchase, such as Billing Details, Shipping Address, and Payment Methods. The Billing Details form automatically pulls email from the user account, allowing editing it if needed. By default, the Shipping Address form is hidden and uses the data from Billing Details. However, customers can check the Ship To A Different Address box to view the form and provide the address they need. All forms can store the data from previous purchases if the user allows so.


Our company has created a website that prioritizes ease of use and user experience. We look into consideration all of the client’s request hand made the process of finding and purchasing items seamless and enjoyable. The website is designed to match the latest trends in web design and development.

In addition to the store function, the website also features job openings and gift certificate with a customizable card option, ranging from bronze to platinum. The FAQ page is equipped with a search feature for quick answers to any questions the user may have. Pre-ordering is also available, allowing the user to track the availability of goods. On product pages, delivery cost is calculated interactively to help the user keep track of the total purchase amount without extra steps. This all results in a highly convenient website.

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