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About the Client

Website Learners are renowned for their skills in designing and optimizing WordPress websites for businesses that effectively generate conversions. With over seven years of client work and training over 10 million individuals, they have established themselves as experts in the field. Their YouTube channel, which has over 1 million subscribers, further showcases their knowledge and expertise.


Chennai, India


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Our goal

Our team was assigned to design and style the Blog page of the client’s existing website, with flexible customization options. To accomplish this, we developed the following plan:

  • Applying styling to the standard elements of the blog
  • Developing a custom FAQ block
  • Creating a custom comparison table block

Our team of developers has created a new and fully functional website page that utilizes modern technology and meets the specific requests of the client.


The page has been designed to be mobile-friendly, and the blocks on the page can be easily customized thanks to the use of Gutenberg blocks and Advanced Custom Fields Pro.

Page Styling

Our team encountered several challenges while creating an additional page for the customer’s already-established website. One of these challenges was ensuring that the buttons, lists, and other elements of the blog matched the overall design theme.


The FAQ answer block allows you to include various types of content, including text blocks with a WYSIWIG editor, stylized lists in one or two columns, images, and video, in any desired order.

Custom block Comparison table

We enabled the ability to add an unlimited number of comparison points to the table, which can include flexible content types such as text, ratings, and switch “yes/no” options. The table also features horizontal scrolling in case of overflow, a sticky header and left column, and table borders that are shaded based on the table’s scrolling position.


The BDA team successfully developed a new page with custom settings for the client. As a result, the client received a functional and responsive blog page that is easy to update.

We were pleased to assist the client, and Website Learners was satisfied with the work we did. The page is also easily readable on any device due to its responsive design.