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If something is broken or not working properly on your website, we can fix it for you!

Our team of WordPress experts has fixed 2,000+ issues and we haven’t come across many we couldn’t solve.

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Here are Some Ways We Can Help:

  • WordPress Maintenance

    WordPress websites should be properly maintained – regular updates, testing, uptime monitoring, security – we can take care of all this and let you focus on what is really important, growing your business.


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  • Wordpress Website Repair and Security

    If your website is not maintained and secured properly, it may be hacked and your visitors may get redirected to some fishing websites, sensitive data collected to be sold, or used to corrupt your website. Contact us immediately to clean up your WordPress from malware and protect your website properly.


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  • WordPress Security Enhancements

    Websites store a lot of personal data and sensitive information that should be stored safely. To make sure your website is protected properly, contact us today for an audit.


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  • WordPress SSL installation

    Do you need to renew your SSL certificate or install a new one? Or perhaps you’d like to use the LetsEncrypt certificate? When you install SSL on your WordPress website, you need to make sure it’s configured properly. We’ll install the certificate, update WP settings and replace all URLs in your database with “https://” version. Contact us to make your website SSL secured today.


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  • WordPress Core Issues

    WordPress core is the most important part of your WP website and it needs some care. If you receive fatal errors, warnings, something doesn’t work, your website can’t be opened in the browser at all, or your /wp-admin/ dashboard can’t be opened, contact us immediately to resolve this and get your website back up and running.

  • WordPress Plugin Issues

    There are so many different plugins on the internet, some are official from and others are purchased or downloaded somewhere. These can conflict with each other or with active theme, or may just not work as expected. Contact us to resolve this!

  • WordPress Theme Issues

    Themes can be free, paid, or custom coded by developers for you only. Either way, themes need to be maintained and code should be updated to work with the newer server tools. For example, the PHP version upgrade may cause some outdated theme code to no longer work as expected. Contact us to resolve this!

  • WordPress Speed Issues

    Has your website become slower and slower? Does content loading take a while? It’s time to dig deeper into your configuration and code to discover the source of the problem. Contact us to get your speed issues resolved today!

  • WordPress Site Migrations

    Do you want to change your hosting provider? Do you want to move domain and email accounts as well? We can assist and do it seamlessly with no downtime. Contact us today!

  • WordPress Design Changes

    Whether you’re planning design improvements or a total overhaul of your current design, our team will be happy to provide a user-friendly design that will professionally present your business or sell your products or services successfully.

The “Nuts and Bolts” of What We’re Really Good at

Belov Digital Agency - Web Design and Development Technologies
Belov Digital Agency - Web Design and Development Technologies
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    Mobile First

    Malware Cleanup

    Custom Themes



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